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Student committees


Academic committee

The academic committee is a crucial representative body for the students that aims to ensure that students’ interests and queries are raised with the concerned authorities. This unique representative body coordinates between the students and the faculty at the institute. The academic constitutes representatives and subject matter experts from the core areas of management, including Finance, Operations & Quantitative Techniques, Marketing, OB/HR, IT & Analytics, Economics, Strategy & General Management, and Business Communication, focusing on the academic excellence of the students by imbibing the best practices to provide an improved academic system by coordinating with various clubs and committees to conduct knowledge session for fulfilling the student- related academic objectives.


Admission Committee (AdCom)

The Admission Committee at the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya is a team of dedicated students who play a crucial role in the institute’s admission process. The committee is responsible for mentoring prospective students and helping them understand the institute’s culture and values. They work closely with the admission office to support the onboarding process and ensure that the admission process runs smoothly. The Admission Committee also helps new students acclimatize to the institute’s campus by providing them with the necessary information and resources. They are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that supports the holistic development of students. The committee members are chosen for their leadership skills, ability to collaborate, and passion for helping others. At IIM, Admission Committee is an integral part of the admission process and has played a significant role in ensuring that the institute’s incoming students have a seamless transition to their academic journey.


Alumni Relations Committee (ARCOM)

ARCOM is the Alumni Relations committee of one of the premium business schools of India, the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya. We are a team that builds and fosters extensive relationships with alums and eminent personalities from various corporate domains so that students can imbibe the knowledge, relevant skills, and insights to help us better understand the corporate world. ARCOM organises regular meetings to build enduring relations and enhance the institute’s prospects by representing our institute nationally and globally. Our committee also spearheads planning and undertaking a variety of new events to improve the engagement with the alum base of our college and to gain better insights into the various facets of the business world. Lastly, every cause needs proper promotion to spread awareness of its fundamentals. Hence we are also involved in handling social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn to have a broader & better connection with a diverse group of people and to represent the potential of our institute.


Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee of IIM Bodh Gaya organises and promotes cultural events and activities within the institute. The committee’s primary goal is to celebrate and preserve the unique cultural heritage while encouraging cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. CultComm is responsible for organizing festivals and holiday celebrations and promoting a wide range of cultural activities throughout the year, such as representing IIM Bodh Gaya across the Annual Fest of other Colleges, music and dance performances, and cultural workshops. The members of The Cultural Committee are passionate about their cultural heritage and committed to sharing it with others. Together, the Cultural Committee works to create engaging and educational cultural experiences that promote diversity, inclusion, and understanding.

Envision Cell

Envision Cell

We ‘Envision-Cell’ the entrepreneurship and industry relations cell of the prestigious IIM Bodh Gaya aim to provide a platform through which students can access entrepreneurial know-how, and resources, network, and share innovative ideas. The cell is dedicated to acting as a catalyst in facilitating the emergence of competent entrepreneurial aspirations in the students in order to promote entrepreneurship and start-up culture. Our objective is to act as a conduit for budding entrepreneurs in building a healthy environment where they can groom their business skills. We aim to set up mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with organizations looking for a long-term relationship with a growing educational institution like ours. By providing hands-on live projects we ensure that students live up to the expectation of ever-evolving corporate world.


Hostel and Mess Committee

The Hostel and Mess committee is responsible for the smooth functioning of the hostel and mess facilities of the institute. It aims to provide the students of the institute with the best hostel services by acting as a link between hostel authorities and students. It decides on the food menu which is palatable to all by collaborating with mess vendors to maintain food quality and safety standards based on the feedback of students. It constitutes students, hostel supervisors, wardens and the chief administrative officer. It facilitates the students to adhere to the required policies and guidelines of the institute. It also coordinates with various committees and clubs of the institute in conducting events around the year and preparing special menus for various festivities. The committee emphasizes the spirit of brotherhood among the students of the institute and makes them feel at home.

IPM Outreach Committee

IPM Outreach Committee

The IPM Outreach Committee serves as the bridge between the IPM community and the external world. Its goal is to enhance the image of the program and expand its reach among prospective students, parents, industry professionals, and the general public. The committee is dedicated to communicating the unique aspects and benefits of the IPM course and promoting its strengths and contributions to the field. Through targeted efforts, the committee aims to increase awareness and interest in the program, providing opportunities for its students. As ambassadors for the IPM community, the Outreach Committee is crucial in ensuring its continued success and promoting its reputation.

International Relations Committee

International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee at IIM Bodh Gaya is committed to promoting international outreach and partnerships. The committee’s key priorities are to establish mutually beneficial collaborations with esteemed institutions around the world, to enhance students’ business skills through global exposure in the form of our flagship events, and to encourage academic research and faculty development through global partnerships. These efforts will not only provide students and faculty with opportunities for global growth, but also further enhance the reputation of IIM Bodh Gaya as a leader in academic and cultural excellence.


IT Committee

The IIM Bodhgaya IT committee is in charge of all technological endeavours in the college because technology is an essential component of any college. The committee collaborates with other clubs and committees to support their backend and ensure the college’s IT infrastructure runs smoothly. Additionally, the committee educates the public about technological developments and fosters a virtual learning environment for aspiring managers. The committee also plans to host several webinars where senior technologists will participate and share their experiences. The committee also hosts competitions on the unstop platform and in the college.


Media and PR Committee

The Media & PR Committee is responsible for handling the brand equity of the college, managing the doorway of external stakeholders. They act as a point of communication for the outer world. The committee came forward to be a helping hand for the various committees and clubs with the coverage of the events. The primary responsibilities of the Media & PR Cell are to cover the events organized by the institute, build the brand image of IIM Bodh Gaya, collaborate with different media houses, and amplify the activities and initiatives of the institute. In the last academic year, the committee has recorded some skyrocketing statistics in terms of social media reach, new initiatives, new collaborations, etc.


Students Representative Committee

The student affairs include two roles, for the first year the elected students perform duty as Class Representative and then followed by Student Representative for the second year. The major role and responsibilities of this committee is to facilitate coordination between administration and students in which they act as bridge between the two for the smooth functioning of academic as well nonacademic activities. This committee facilitates the learning environment by synchronizing with faculties on a daily basis. They are also incharge of academic and some nonacademic activities in accordance with the PGP committee. The escalation matrix is followed strictly to maintain the information chain. They are solely responsible for the smooth functioning of committees and clubs selection and ensures proper coordination among them and resolving their issues. The student representatives work as whole to bring coordination among the students and helps in making this campus student driven.

Student Clubs


Arthashastra-Economics Club

We are the Economics Club of IIM BodhGaya. Economics is an important part of our daily lives and forms a major part in any economy. In our club, we focus on creating value with discussions and help people understand the intricacies of how firms, industries and the economy work. We conduct events like debate, quiz, Budget discussion to create awareness and increase interest in the field of economics.We actively post on social media and have introduced various series like economic analysis, weekly news, industry analysis, etc. Our motive is to make economics fun and engaging for people.

Communication club

Communication club

The club’s main objective is to foster leadership qualities and encourage students to participate in public affairs. Specifically designed for business students, the club provides an opportunity to improve communication skills that are crucial for success in the corporate world. Members of the club engage in writing throughout the year and contribute to articles, blogs, events, and reviews of national and international events. They also conduct primary research by polling, surveying, and conducting interviews with distinguished individuals, academics, and students. The club emphasises the value of effective communication and conducts a range of literary activities, including writing competitions, debates, and creative cultural events. Additionally, the club offers speaker sessions to enhance members’ communication skills and boost their confidence. Joining the Communications Club is a great way for students to improve their communication abilities, build leadership qualities, and develop a sense of social responsibility.

Data Science Club

Dimension – Data Science Club

The Data Science Club is a platform to encourage, engineer and expertise in the world of data analytics by pooling the students in the field of data analytics. The club seeks to enhance student’s understanding of the role analytics plays in business enterprises and the challenges their businesses face. It promotes knowledge and awareness of the latest data technologies, trends, and concepts. We also try to connect with industry trainers for betterment of our students.

Data Science Club

Eclectica – The Book Club

Eclectica – The Book Club, is the literary club of IIM Bodh Gaya that brings together students who share a love for literature. This club offers a platform for students to express their literary creativity and enhance their understanding of literary themes. Eclectica holds regular discussions on books and literary themes, encouraging members to share their perspectives and insights.

The club also organizes events such as book exchanges, story writing competitions, slam poetry sessions, and other literary activities. These events allow students to showcase their writing and oratory skills, develop their confidence, and interact with like-minded individuals.

Eclectica has been successful in creating a community of individuals who appreciate the written works and are passionate about literature. The club also invites renowned authors and speakers to share their experiences and knowledge, inspiring and motivating students to pursue their literary interests.

Overall, Eclectica is a vibrant and engaging club that offers a creative space for students to explore and appreciate literature. It is a perfect place for literature enthusiasts to come together, share their love for books, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Finance and Investment Club (Finix)

Finix – Finance and Investment Club

The Finance and Investment Club of IIM Bodh Gaya is a dynamic and thriving organization that provides a comprehensive learning experience for students who are passionate about finance and investments. Focusing on theoretical and practical education, Finix offers its members an opportunity to explore a wide range of finance and investment concepts, strategies, and tools. Whether you are an experienced finance professional or simply curious about the world of finance and investments, Finix offers an enriching and engaging environment that will challenge and inspire you. With regular workshops, guest speakers, and networking events, members of Finix have the unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and gain valuable insights into the world of finance and investments. If you are looking to enhance your finance and investment knowledge and skills, then Finix is the ideal place for you.

HR club

HRise – HR club

HRise, the HR club of IIM Bodhgaya, bestows students with the knowledge and inculcates our student’s enthusiasm and interest in the OB/HR domain. HRise bridges the knowledge gap through core concepts and industry updates on organizational behavior and human resource management. The club enlightens the vision of students in Human Resources through regular guest lectures and webinars. HRise also has its flagship event Gyanodaya ,where experts and industry leaders from the HR field discuss the current scenarios and happenings in the corporate world and share their insights and experiences with the students. The club also organizes competitions like Case Studies, Debate, Quiz, and much more to bring out the skills of the students of IIM Bodhgaya and other institutions.

We are excited to present the latest issue of our bulletin, The People’s Press. The bulletin is a platform for all the current news, must-reads, and articles from eminent HR leaders on the latest practices in the organization.

The People’s Press: November 2021    

The People’s Press: July 2022    

The People’s Press: Jan 2023 (Issue 3)    

We take pleasure in presenting you the issues of our quarterly bulletin, The People’s Press. It is a one-stop platform for all HR news and must-reads.
Happy Reading!


OPSIM – Operations Simulation and Industrial Management Club

Operations Simulation and Industrial Management (OPSIM) club is one of the most prestigious clubs of IIM Bodh Gaya. The mission of the OPSIM Club is to educate the students on Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Production, and Inventory control, Quality management, Healthcare operations, recent technological trends, innovations, and disruptions; to increase the number and quality of opportunities for networking and recruiting with technology and supply-chain organizations, and to strengthen the IIM Bodh Gaya brand in the operations industry and in industries that are dependent on technology. Through activities such as guest lectures by industry experts, industrial training events, weekly posts on trending topics in the operations and technology industry through social media channels, and industry conferences, the club strives to cultivate a strong community of people who are enthusiastic about technology and operations while also offering a variety of educational and professional tools to its members. The club has members who are from diverse professional backgrounds and possess high-quality work experience in the industry thereby enabling unparalleled peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Publication Cell

Publication Cell

Publication Cell IIM Bodh Gaya publishes its quarterly newsletter with a growing emphasis on the roots of the college on mindfulness- covering various themes covering the vibrancy of campus life. The Student-Driven Committee focuses on capturing the essence of life and diversity at the Indian institute of management situated in the land of enlightenment.

Previously, it has published newsletters in print, digital and audio-visual formats. Every new edition features a renewed sense of vibrancy- it strives to encapsulate life at IIm Bodh Gaya with new sections and initiatives to embody the spirit of its students and faculty. Publication Cell also conducts its flagship Verbal and Written reporting event as part of the annual college fest.


StraCon – Strategy and Consulting Club

StraCon, the strategy and consulting club of the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya is a student run initiative that was started with the intent of providing the students a taste of the world of consulting. It aims to conduct interactive sessions with industry leaders from various organisations to assist its members and the student community to make informed choices when it comes to evaluation of career options. It boosts the interest of the student community in the domain of consulting via its publications, case competitions and other events conducted allround the year. With each passing year we are committed to being bigger and better and seek out newer ways of providing the students with more hands-on training to make them industry ready during their stay at the campus.

music, dance, and drama club

Unnayan – Music, Dance, and Drama Club

The mission of Unnayan, the institute’s music, dance, and drama club, is to promote cultural awareness and appreciation among the student body at IIM Bodh Gaya. Unnayan hosts a number of activities, including music competition, dance competition, poetry slam to which students from all around India’s higher education institutions are invited. Umang, an annual short film competition open to all entering IPM and MBA students, is a highlight of the academic year. Additionally, activities like street fights, plays, and jams are organised to help people relieve tension and reveal latent abilities. Freeing up and taking part in such pursuits is at the heart of the Unnayan philosophy. All voices are heard on Unnayan. We have incredibly gifted performers who not only showcase their skills on our campus but also go on to represent us with honour at other universities’ events. Anything can become a performance space once you get going.

Unstop Igniters Club

Unstop Igniters Club

The Unstop Igniters Club of Indian Institute of Management, Bodh Gaya provides a platform to the students to participate in various competitions and thus display their skill and creativity. The Club ensures holistic development of students during their studies by providing and indulging in workshops, hackathons, quizzes, and various other program on Unstop platform. The club takes the forefront in collaborating with student affairs to host various competitions of various clubs during the annual fest Elegante. The club provides a supportive and empowering environment where students can connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other, and achieve their full potential.

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