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Chairperson’s Message

Dr. Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Chairperson – Placement
Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya

At IIM Bodh Gaya we have been able to attract talent across the length and breadth of the nation both as students as well as team of highly motivated professors to create future business leaders. Along with academics our learners participate in a range of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to cultural engagements. We ensure that our students are well accustomed to the ever-evolving dynamics of professional corporate culture. Our goal is to use education as a medium to change the world, to have a positive impact on the society and to attain sustainable progress.

We are young and growing family; within a small span of time we have showed our commitment to the corporate world and have created an enduring relationship with emerging India. I use this medium to thank our recruitment partners for their valuable support and guidance throughout this journey. I would also like to appreciate our Director, Faculty, staff and all Placecom members, for their progressive and positive efforts which have resulted in the progression of the Institute in all areas.

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