Our Mission, Core Values and Culture

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Our Mission, Core Values and Culture


Our goal is to nurture independent minds with an impact on business and society globally. By carrying out high-quality interdisciplinary research on contemporary themes, and by offering research-oriented pedagogy of international standards, we are dedicated to advance the practical awareness of business and its role in society. We look toward synergizing our curriculum and its organisational and corporate milieu. We aim to develop cutting-edge research that expands our understanding of business, management and leadership. Our objective is to provide a transformational teaching-learning experience which enables our stakeholders to discern their full potential. Our mission is to inspire new global perspectives in the future of business and management through practical collaborative effort, excellence in research, creativity and education.

Core Values
Core Values

Responsibility: We are geared up and ready to go. We respect our accords and conform to high quality work. We practise highest ethical standards and motivate others to do the same.

Honesty and Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards in our work and behaviour towards our job, environment and one another.

Life-long Learning: We welcome transformational change by helping each other develop. We are flexible in our thinking and performance by which we convert differences into a potential for growth.


A Force for Good: We think about the world we inhabit. Our thinking is free and genuine. We identify business as force that can shape a sustainable and just planet. We thus, look to balance financial, societal and ecological concerns.

Diversity: We believe in diversity of thought and innovation. We have a team of diverse and dedicated faculty and students who are the drivers of cognition and research.

Collaboration: We collaborate to innovate and create. We develop and intellectual approach through team effort. We shape the future and overcome challenges by looking out for each other.

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