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International Relations


Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya (IIM Bodh Gaya) appreciates the academic rigor and richness that comes with having a culturally diverse campus and is committed to create one for its stakeholders. The International Relations Committee aims to create a gateway for international outreach and global partnership with an intent to amplify our academic rigor and cultural sagacity at IIM Bodh Gaya. The key priorities for International Relations are:

  • To enter into meaningful and mutually beneficial collaborations with esteemed institutions across the world.
  • To develop and enhance the business acumen of student by facilitating global exposure and immersion.
  • To initiate global partnerships for academic research and faculty development.

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The exchange programme enables the students and the faculty of partner institutions to gain insights into the distinct culture, values and academic milieu of each other’s countries. Such opportunities are particularly useful for the students of business as they get to experience the global economic interconnectedness and ever evolving intricacies of corporate domains like finance and marketing in an increasingly dynamic and volatile global business environment. The exchange program will further facilitate the bilateral flow of knowledge and values through faculty collaborations and research tie-ups.

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