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Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

Program Overview

In line with the growing need for trained managerial talent, IIM Bodh Gaya has started five years integrated programme in management (IPM) from academic session 2021. The curriculum of this programme would offer experiential learning, international immersion and a holistic course curriculum. The objective of the programme is to prepare candidates from a foundation level for taking up leadership positions in corporates/government organizations. The IPM program is intended to make students to have a global perspective towards management practice. With an early induction to the programme and a rigorous and holistic curriculum, our students will demonstrate problem solving skills supported by appropriate analytical techniques and will use ethical and socially conscious judgement while analysing business situations.

Candidates successfully completing the course requirement of integrated programme in management would be awarded Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration by IIM Bodh Gaya. Candidates opting for exit after completing the requirement of first three years, would be awarded Bachelor of Business Administration.

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Course Structure

The first three years of the IPM program would be based on a semester system, and the last two years would be based on the trimester system (per the prevailing MBA course structure). At the end of 2nd year, students will have to undergo a compulsory Rural and Social Immersion internship. During the sixth semester of the program, students will have the option to select their specialization in due course of IPM. The course structure after the sixth semester would follow the MBA course structure as per MBA policy. The curriculum for the first three years is as under :

Download Course Structure of IPM (First Three Years)

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