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International Conference on Sustainable Goals (ICSG 2022)  Online Mode

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 International Conference on Sustainable Goals (ICSG 2022)

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About Conference

“Sustainable Development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance”


Sustainable Development is a paradigm which is adopted by the United Nations to promote economic development, which is inclusive and makes the life of future generations secure. The adoption of this paradigm has become an urgent need due to threats of global warming and scarcity of natural resources (fossil fuels). At the same time, if the fruit of economic development is not reaching to the bottom of the pyramid, then social and political instability will hamper the economic growth in the country. Hence, to make the benefits of the economic development to become long lasting, there is a consensus around the world to strive for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To promote SDGs, regulators are promoting the process of taking due account of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations while making financial and investment decisions among the corporates globally

Realizing this importance, IIM Bodh Gaya aims to increase awareness among the researchers about the importance of sustainable development through International Conference on Sustainable Goals (ICSG),2022. This conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, faculty and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of sustainable development. The submitted papers will have an opportunity for publication consideration in ABDC/Scopus indexed/UGC Care journals.

Prospective authors are kindly encouraged to contribute through submissions of their research abstracts, papers and e-posters in International Conference on Sustainability Goals (ICSG 2022) to be held virtually from 16th-17th September 2022.

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About IIM Bodh Gaya

The Indian Institutes of Management have been the archetype of management schooling in India since their foundation after our independence in 1947. IIMs are perceived as the most prestigious and elite B-schools in India which lay emphasis on practical experience and critical thinking instead of rote learning and conventional academic schedule. Building on the grand heritage of the IIM brand, IIM Bodh Gaya fosters a culture and curriculum whose sole purpose is to create socially responsible managers and emotionally mature leaders. A dynamic curriculum in consonance with academics and industry experts provides the students with the opportunities to master new skills and explore diverse perspectives. Apart from the conventional classroom setup, IIM Bodh Gaya lays emphasis on practical learning as students partake in case studies, sessions with industry experts, live projects, etc. The institute’s thrust on meaningful research is evident through the credentials and accomplishments of its faculty that has publications in ABDC and Scopus listed journals of repute. In a short span of time, IIM Bodh Gaya has strengthened its position in the corporate world, with its students contributing in illustrious business organizations of the country.

IIM Bodh Gaya acknowledges the significance of exposure to global standards and contemporary trends for enrichment of its students’ learning experience. In order to bring that international exposure and cultural diversity to the campus, the institute has established collaborations with several reputed institutions in France, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico, Italy and S. Korea while discussions are underway with many other international universities across the globe.

Historically, the eastern part of the country has been an eminent seat of learning with ancient universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila where learners from all over the world congregated for pursuit of knowledge. Having been recognized as a key Buddhist destination, Bodh Gaya attracts millions of tourists every year. An ancient seat of learning that represents one of the prominent paths to enlightenment, Bodh Gaya is home to Mahabodhi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and several other notable temples and monasteries. Nestled in Bodh Gaya is the iconic 80 ft. statue of Buddha and Indosan Nippon temple that was constructed in 1972 and has a gallery of Japanese art. This land of enlightenment continues to serve as a source of inspiration for IIM Bodh Gaya in its journey to become The Enlightening IIM.

Director’s Message

Dr. Vinita S. Sahay

Welcome to Bodh Gaya: the land of Enlightenment!

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the IIM-Bodh Gaya International Conference on Sustainable Goals (ICSG):2022 from 16th to 17th September 2022. The conference is accompanied with a Pre-Conference Workshop on 14th and 15th September 2022.

IIM Bodh Gaya, the most prestigious and elite B-schools in India is proud to announce the international conference on Sustainability goals to promote various issues of sustainability, through sharing research knowledge and practitioner experiences. As an education institution we have a fundamental role in transforming societies aimed at a more sustainable future. Through knowledge creation and dissemination, research, education and outreach, institutions of higher education can lead the path towards sustainable development.

The conference invites leading academic scientists, researchers, faculty, and research scholars from different countries and from diverse knowledge and fields to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of sustainable development goals under the Conference Theme: - Managing Economic Development and Financial Stability: In the era of SDGs and ESGs. We look forward to your participation for the conference.

Call for Papers

We encourage extended abstract submissions in the following areas (also, we welcome papers on related themes which is not included in the below mentioned list)

Conference theme :
Managing Economic development and Financial stability: in the era of SDGs and ESGs
COP 26 target and COP 27 projections.
Sustainable Investment Trends in 2022.
Sustainable Asset Valuation.
Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis.
Climate Financing.
Carbon accounting and trading
Financial Innovation for Sustainability.
Carbon Tax and Energy Financing.
Sustainability accounting, accountability and reporting
Integrated thinking and integrated reporting
Governance of Sustainable Finance and Investing.
Big Data Analytics and Blockchain in Sustainable finance.
Sustainable Green Finance.
Financial Performance and Accounting Practices for Sustainability
Innovative Sustainable Financing Instruments
Role of Regulators and Financial Institutions on Sustainable Finance
ESG investing
Sustainability Financial Risk Management
Corporate Governance and Ethics in Sustainability
Sustainable Financing practices through Green Bonds
ESG ratings and Assessment in Finance
Financing a Net-Zero Future
ESG and Financial Performance
Sustainability Reporting and Accounting
Natural Resource Extraction and Sustainable Economic Development
International Economic Integration and Environmental Sustainability.
Resource Curse Hypothesis and Inclusive development.
Green Economy and Sustainable Development.
Energy Economics and Macroeconomic Stability.
Role of Corporate Innovation and Political Institutions in achieving SDGs.
The Role of Human capital to attain Sustainable Economic Growth.
Environmental Macroeconomics.
Role of Political Institutions in achieving SDGs.
Digitization and Sustainable Economic Development.
Commodity Markets and Macroeconomic Stability.
Geopolitics and Environmental Sustainability

Important Dates

Events Dates
The ISCG 2022 will be in Online Mode.
Submit your extended abstract only
Last date for submission31th July, 2022
Declaration of acceptance of paper15th August, 2022
Registration start date10th August, 2022
Registration closing date30th August, 2022
Pre-conference workshop15th September, 2022
Conference presentations16th & 17th September, 2022

Keynote Speakers

Prof.Jeffrey D. Sachs

Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs

Prof. Sachs is an American economist, academic, public policy analyst. He is an Author, Innovative educator, and global leader in sustainable development. He serves as the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University also was former director of The Earth Institute in the same University. Sachs has authored and edited numerous books and has has received 38 honorary doctorates.

Prof. Cheng-Few Lee

Prof. Cheng-Few Lee

Professor Lee is the Editor of the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (RQFA), and the Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies. He is the Director of the Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting, and the Conference on Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance. He has published more than 170 articles in journals.

Prof. John W. Goodell

Prof. John W. Goodell

Professor John W. Goodell is Editor-in-chief of Research in International Business and Finance. He is professor in the Department of Finance at The University of Akron. His research interests focus particularly on the impact on financial systems of national culture, and institutions. In 2011 he received the Stockholm School of Economics/Women in the Academy of International Business Award for Increased Gender Awareness in International Business Research.

Prof. Andreas Kontoleon

Prof. Andreas Kontoleon

Prof. Andreas is Professor of Environmental Economics and Public Policy, Director of Research, Department of Land Economy. He is also Research Lead at Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance and Director of Studies for Land Economy, Trinity College, Cambridge. He is co- moderator of BIEOCON, the largest academic network on the economics of biodiversity conservation.

Aziz Tayyebi

Aziz Tayyebi

Aziz Tayyebi, a chartered accountant from UK, is Director, International business development for Becker Professional Education, responsible for the development of Becker’s professional education portfolio across various international markets, to help ensure candidates are able to maximise their chances of obtaining career defining, global professional certifications in the most efficient and effective manner.

Pre-Conference Workshop

The conference also comes with a preconference workshop on 14th and 15th September 2022.

Pre-Conference Workshop on Applied Time Series using R

Sl.No Session Title Topics
1Review of Basic EconometricsOrdinary Least Squares, Assumptions, coefficient estimation, interpretation of regression results, forecasting.
2Visualization and ForecastingData modelling, data processing like aggregation and filtering, mapping data attributes to graphical attributes, and strategic visual encoding.
3Introduction to Time series dataIntroduction to time series data, concept of autocorrelation and partial correlation and stationarity. Trends and seasonality in classical way, test of stationarity (ADF Test)
4Univariate Time series modellingAutoregressive models, characteristics of roots and stability of the AR Models. Moving average models, Hands on exercise Hands on exercise on Autocorrelation, partial correlation, and test of Stationarity ARMA and ARIMA models.
5Multivariate Time series modellingVector Auto Regressive (VAR) Models, VAR with Error Correction (VECM), Causality
6Volatility models: Conditional Heteroskedastic modelsVolatility models, Conditional heteroskedastic models,
ARCH effect, volatility clustering, conditional volatility,
7Meeting with Editor

Conference Conveners

Organizing Committee

Advisory Committee

Vinita S. Sahay

Director, IIM Bodh Gaya

Qiang Ji
Institutes of Science and Development
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China
David Roubaud
Dean of Academic Affairs & Research
Montpellier Business School, France
Mark Wohar
Department of Economics,
University of Nebraska-Omaha MH-332S
Omaha, NE USA
Ajay Pandey
Professor, Finance and Accounting
IIM Ahmedabad
Debasish Maitra
Professor, Finance & Accounting
IIM Indore
Associate Dean: Research
Director: Research centre (OCRE)
Full Professor of Finance
EDC Paris Business School, France
Tsangyao Chang
Department of Finance,
College of Finance, Feng Chia University,
Taichung, Taiwan
Sankarshan Basu
Finance & Accounting
IIM Bangalore
Krishan Mishra
Country Head-International
Becker Professional Education
Raghunandan Sengupta
Professor in Finance
Department of Industrial and Management Engineering
IIT Kanpur
Varadraj Bapat
Professor in Finance
IIT Bombay
BoG member of IIT Guwahati.
Runa Sarkar
Professor in Economics
IIM Calcutta

Registration Details

All authors and co-authors who got the acceptance letter and willing to present their manuscript in the conference and are interested in receiving a certificate of participation or presentation must pay the registration fee via the online SBI collect payment (step by step process) link given below: https://www.onlinesbi.com/sbicollect/icollecthome.htm. According to conference regulations, only those Papers will be considered for presentation , whose registration fee is paid. Further Anyone who wishes to participate and attend the conference without a paper presentation or wishes to attend only a workshop must pay the registration fee via the online SBI collect payment and should enter the manuscript title as "International Conference on Sustainable Goals" and manuscript number as "ICSG2022" in the below link for payment in the required field.

Registration Fees

Note: The participants who want to attend the conference without making any paper presentation must register themselves and then, pay conference fee given in the above table.
Students/Faculty/Other academics members2500 INR3000 INR5000 INR
Corporate Professionals
5000 INR4000 INR7000 INR
Foreign Participants$100$100$150
Without Paper :

Step by step process to pay the registration fee

Online Payment Link (SBI Collect)

Submit the payment transaction details after fee payment

Registration Fees

Note: The participants who want to attend the conference without making any paper presentation must register themselves and then, pay conference fee given in the above table.
Students/Faculty/Other academics members2500 INR3000 INR5000 INR
Corporate Professionals
5000 INR4000 INR7000 INR
Foreign Participants$100$100$150
Without Paper :

Awards and Certification

The papers accepted and presented during the conference will receive a certificate of participation. All extended abstracts will be evaluated for originality, research rigour, contribution to theory and practical implications. Selected high quality papers after presentation will be awarded as Best Paper. Three Best paper award of Rs 15000/-,Rs 10,000/- & Rs 5000/- will be given for ICSG 2022 .

Submission Guidelines

Publication Opportunity

Accepted Abstracts will be published in the conference proceeding and selected papers will be considered for publication in the following listed journals for the conference. We have entered into a collaboration with followings journals for publication of selected full-length papers. We are exploring the possibility of tie-ups with more journals and publishing an edited Book with a reputed publisher for selected papers. This list will be updated as and when tie-ups are finalized.

Special Issues: Regular Issues:
Resources Policy Research in International Business and Finance
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology Asia-Pacific Financial Markets
Energies International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies
Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies European Journal of Management and Business Economics
Sustainability The Indian journal of Economics
International Review of Economics and Finance
Applied Financial Econometrics
Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

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