Modalities of Program

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Modalities of Program

TermCredits (Min-Max)Modality
Term-I18Study core courses @ IIMBG
Term-II18Study core courses @ IIMBG
Term-III18Study core courses @ IIMBG
Industry Immersion Project64 months corporate immersion
Term-IV18-21Specialization tracks @ IIMBG
Term-V18-21Specialization tracks @ IIMBG
Term-VI12-15Specialization tracks @ IIMBG

Each participant has to complete a total of minimum 108 credits (1080 contact hours) to be eligible for getting the degree. Out the 108 credits, core courses constitute 54 credits in the year-1, specialization tracks constitute 48 credits and practice/industry immersion track constitutes 06 credits. The details of the core and specialization tracks are given in the next section.

An optional 21-Days immersive learning module at a foreign institute has been designed to help students gain global exposure in digital business and develop cross-cultural competency to thrive in new age business. It will comprise of 3  credits.


*The cost of the immersive learning module, including food, lodging, travel and visa and other associated cost, will be borne by the candidate and is not included in the course fee structure
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