Training Program For Chief Minister’s SC/ST/EBC/YUVA/MAHILA Entrepreneur Scheme

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Training Program For Chief Minister’s SC/ST/EBC/YUVA/MAHILA Entrepreneur Scheme


In line with IIM Bodh Gaya’s mission to develop socially responsible leaders, the institute believes in upholding the role of socially responsible leadership at the institute level as well.

As a premium educational institution situated in the rural heartland of the country, IIM Bodh Gaya hopes to inspire by raising the level of aspiration among members of the local community. By touching the lives of one and all who are in proximity, the institute hopes to make its presence a beacon of hope.

In this regard, the institute has been working with various local bodies to help enhance the competency of their cadre. The institute is already working with the State Health Society of Bihar and is planning to work with the Police Department to train its personnel as well.

Currently, the institute has taken on the responsibility of training 320 aspiring entrepreneurs who have been selected by the Bihar Chief Minister’s ST/ST/EBC/Youth/Women Entrepreneurs Scheme, which aims to disburse funding of upto 10 lakhs to convert their ideas into entrepreneurial ventures.

8 batches of 40 participants each will be attending a 15-day training programs over a period of one and a half months (Mid- April to Mid-June) and will received a certificate of completion for the same. The faculty team will assist the participants in delving into their ideas to develop a Detailed Project Report. At the end of the program, the reports are evaluated by a faculty panel. The reports, evaluations and the certificates are uploaded on the Scheme’s website for further deliberations by the State Body before funding is disbursed to the suitable participants of the scheme.

While IIM Bodh Gaya caters to the brightest of minds that India has to offer in its MBA, IPM and PhD programs, the institute also hopes to touch lives of those at the bottom of the pyramid through its training programs. By supporting the local government bodies in executing their projects successfully, IIM Bodh Gaya has entrenched itself in the local community. By bringing the value of IIMs to the local community, the institute aims to uplift the entire social structure around its vicinity.

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