Mindfulness in the Education Atmosphere

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Mindfulness in the Education Atmosphere


IIM Bodh Gaya on 15th of September 2022, organized a session of the Fulbright Specialist Dr Mathew Swerdloff at the Delhi Public School Gaya under the aegis of Samatvam, the Mindfulness centre of IIM Bodh Gaya.

The program began with welcoming of guests by the faculties at DPS Gaya. Dr. Remya Lathabhavan, Assistant Professor, IIM Bodh Gaya introduced Samatvam and Dr Mathew Swerdloff on the behalf of the institute.

Dr Swerdloff interacted with the school teachers around ’Bringing Mindfulness to the Classroom’. He discussed various mindfulness practices and how they can be introduced in the classrooms. The session saw an active involvement of the teachers who participated in mindfulness based exercises like Body Scan, R.A.I.N Practice, Walking Mindfulness and Four Senses. The core aim for the session remained to sensitize the teachers about the importance of mindfulness in the modern society and its impact on education. The past few years have seen a surge in the need for the people to take sound and informed decisions in the hours of pressure. Practicing mindfulness exercises, have been observed an effective measure in handling tough situations in a more organised manner .

This session was a part of the community outreach initiatives of IIM Bodh Gaya’s Samatvam Centre, whose mission is to develop mindful leaders for business in particular and society at large. Mr. S.K. Mishra, Principal of DPS Gaya and Dr. Medha Srivastava, Chairperson-International Relations at IIM Bodh Gaya were also present in the session.

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