MBA Admission Policy (International Students)

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MBA Admission Policy (International Students)

IIM Bodh Gaya invites international students (foreign nationals only) to enroll in its MBA programme (Batch 2024-26). We at IIM Bodh Gaya are looking for qualified candidates to fill seats reserved for international aspirants. IIM Bodh Gaya rewards academic merit, consistency, and experience.

There are 9 (3% of 300 intake) seats available for international students. These three percent seats are in addition to those reserved for Indian students (selected through CAT). So, only International Students will be eligible to apply for these seats and the aspirant must be a citizen of a country other than India.

The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3, or 10+2+4), with at least 60% marks or equivalent CGPA from any recognized university/institution. In case any of the degree is obtained from the University/Institute/Board outside India, the candidate must produce the equivalence certificate by the Association of Indian Universities. In this regard, the rules framed by the Association of Indian Universities and the Ministry of Education will be applicable. In case of the degree is obtained in India, it must be from any of the Universities incorporated by an act of the central or state legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Nationality: The candidate must be a citizen of a country other than India. (The candidate with Indian citizenship must apply through CAT).

The Admission Process for MBA (Foreign Citizens): 

Entrance Examination: The candidate must have appeared in the GMAT examination during the last four complete calendar years, including the early months of the year in which admission is given (e.g. 2020 – 2024 for Admission to Academic Year 2024-25). The appearance in GMAT prior to the above period will not be considered.
  • Candidates with valid GMAT scores will have to fill out an Online Application Form.
  • The candidates will be then shortlisted for the Personal Interview (PI) process based on GMAT score and Profile.
  • The shortlisted candidates will receive the PI call.
  • The Final Merit List will be prepared based on performance in GMAT, and PI score and admission offers will be released.

The last date for Online Application Form Submission is 25th April 2024.

Personal Interview (PI)  
The candidates, who scored* more than or equal to the overall and sectional cut-off in GMAT, will be called to appear in the PI process (online mode).

  * Sectional scores will be decided, before the PI shortlist, based on the available pool of candidates and GMAT score distribution.

Final Merit List

  The final merit list be prepared as follows:
GMAT score: weightage – 50%;
PI score: weightage – 50%.

IIM Bodh Gaya reserves the right to modify any part of the international admission policy including the various criteria and cut-offs mentioned at any time till the actual admission process for the batch is completed.

Any dispute concerning Admissions for the MBA 2024-26 (Foreign Citizens) batch would be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of the city of Bodh Gaya Only.
Fee: 35,000 USD for MBA 2024-26 batch (International Students) + Caution Deposit of 500 USD. The mentioned fee is for the MBA 2024-26 batch (International Students) only. The same will be increased/adjusted by the inflation/exchange factor each year.

Medical Insurance, VISA, and other travel-related cost to be paid by the candidate.

Equivalence Certificate for Educational Qualifications /Degrees obtained outside India - If any of the Educational Qualifications/ Degrees (10th, 12th, or UG) are obtained from the University/Institute/Board outside India, the candidate must produce the equivalence certificate by the Association of Indian Universities. The rules framed by the Association of Indian Universities and the Ministry of Education will be applicable in this regard.

  Entry VISA - On receipt of the offer letter from IIM Bodh Gaya, foreign national students should approach an Indian embassy/consulate and request a Student VISA with multiple entries (dual entry at the minimum for practical reasons). On entering India, the foreign national student should register at IIM Bodh Gaya and pay the program fees. IIM Bodh Gaya will issue a bonafide certificate after registration as a Student.  

Registration at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office: by Student - Within 14 days of entering India on a student visa and after receiving a bonafide certificate, the foreign national should apply to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO), Kolkata for a Registration Certificate / Residential Permit (RC/RP). The application form and checklist may be downloaded from the FRRO website. Information to Local Administration: by Institute - Upon the arrival of the student in the campus/hostel, the institute will inform/report to the local administration (Police Dept.) as per the law applicable in the State of Bihar.  

Orientation/Sensitization towards culture, law, and customs of the Land - International Students, upon their arrival on the campus of IIM Bodh Gaya, will be sensitized around the law of the land, local culture, and customs through a formal orientation session.

Non-availability of Student Exchange Program - Students will not be eligible to take in Student Exchange Program.  

Final Placement - Career Development Centre will help the students in connecting and networking with the companies for career opportunities.  

Similarity with MBA (for Indian Citizens through CAT) Program Apart from the different Admission Process & Fee Payable, and points mentioned above, all other aspects of the MBA Program will be similar for both international students (Foreign nationals selected through GMAT) and Indian students (selected through CAT).

  Any dispute concerning Admissions for the MBA Batch (International Students) would be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of city of Bodh Gaya Only.
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