Indian Constitution Day (Samvidhana Divasa)

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Indian Constitution Day (Samvidhana Divasa)


On the auspicious occasion of India’s Constitution Day, the students, faculty and staff of IIM Bodh Gaya reiterated our pledge to commit ourselves to the fundamental values of our democratic nation & honour the principles of justice, liberty, equality & fraternity enshrined in our Constitution. Constitution Day, also known as " National Law Day," is observed annually in India on November 26 to commemorate the adoption of the nation's constitution. Our Constitution enshrines eternal values that continue to serve as our guiding principles.

The institute organised a preamble reading session to celebrate this day and pay homage to the greats who gave us our Constitution. The session saw enthusiastic participation from faculty, staff, and students alike.

The institute also organised an art and debate competition for students to foster an appreciation for and understanding of the Constitution. In the art contest, students were required to paint on the subject of the Indian Constitution. Students demonstrated their creativity and articulated their thoughts about the constitution effectively. After that, there was a debate competition. The topic for the debate was “Should the Right to Protest be a Fundamental Right or Not.” The students expressed their opinions and perspectives with great zeal.

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