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Teena Bharti

Assistant professor

Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management



Dr. Teena Bharti is an Assistant professor in the area of Organization Behaviour and Human Resource Management. She has a Ph.D. in Management from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Her Doctoral thesis investigated the role of optimism and interpersonal relationship in career engagement. Prior to this, she was associated with Bennett University-Times of India Group, Greater Noida. She holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from STEP-HBTI, Kanpur and Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun.

Teaching Interests:

  • Organization Behaviour
  • Self and Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Knowledge Management
  • Sustainable Human Resource Management

Reasearch Interests:

  • Optimism
  • Mindfulness
  • Resilience
  • Subjective Wellbeing
  • Agentic Traits
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Career correlates
  • Workplace Sustainability
  • Green Creativity
  • Employee productivity
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Hybrid work Models

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  • Awarded the Emerald Literati Award 2020for the article ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade: cross-sectional age and gender differences in optimism’ by Emerald Publications, recognising it as one of the most exceptional pieces of work they saw throughout 2019.

Editorial Responsibilities: 

  • Guest Editor for a special issue titled “Sustainability in Education: Challenges and the way Forward” in Sustainability Journal (Web of Science, Impact Factor-3.889).

Journal Publication:

  • Bharti, T., Ojha, S. C., & Tiwari, A. K. (2022). Interplay of Workplace Sustainability, Sustainable Work Performance, Optimism, and Resilience: The Moderating Role of Green Creativity in Luxury Hotels. Sustainability14(22), 15097. (SSCI Impact Factor 3.889)
  • Krishnankutty, R., Bharti, T., & Mishra, N. (2022). Herding behaviour and capital structure decision in BSE listed Indian firms. International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting14(2), 118-137. (ISSN: 1753-6715, B-category and Scopus)
  • Bharti, T. & Ojha, S. C. (2022). Role of Career adaptability and Optimism in Indian Economy: A Dual Mediation Analysis. International Journal of Knowledge and Learning. (Published, ISSN: 1741-1017, C-category and Scopus)
  • Bharti, T. (2022). Mindfulness and well-being in management students: analysing the moderating role of gender in corona times. International Journal of Knowledge and Learning15(4), 359-372. (ISSN: 1741-1017, C-category and Scopus)
  • Singh, N.Warrier, U.and Bharti, T. (2020), "Emotional intelligence strategies to achieve subjective career success: implications for learning and development in knowledge industry", Development and Learning in Organizations, 34(3), 23-26. https://doi.org/10.1108/DLO-10-2019-0229 (ISSN-1477-7282 Scopus and C category)
  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2020). A bird's eye view approach: linking optimism and career planning in millennials of an emerging economy. International Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence6(1), 32-49. ISSN 1744-6643 (C-category as per ABDC 2018 list)
  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2019). Employee optimism in India: validation of the POSO-E. Benchmarking: An International Journal26(3), 1020-1032. (ISSN- 1463-5771, B-category and Scopus)
  • Bharti, T.and Rangnekar, S. (2019), "When life gives you lemons make lemonade: cross-sectional age and gender differences in optimism", Evidence-based HRM, 7(2), 213-228.  (ISSN- 2049-3983, B-category and Scopus)
  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2019). Optimism and career engagement in employees: an empirical test. International Journal of Business Excellence19(3), 429-446. DOI: 10.1504/IJBEX.2019.10016596 (ISSN-1756-0055, Scopus and C-category as per ABDC 2018 list)
  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2019). Optimism and career planning: the role of gender as a moderator. International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment5(2), 128-150. (ISSN- 1741-8445, Scopus and C-category as per ABDC 2018 list)
  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2019). The relationship between optimism and inclusion in Indian manufacturing organisation. International Journal of Business Excellence18(3), 287-305. (ISSN-1756-0055, Scopus and C-category as per ABDC 2018 list)

Book Chapters Published:

  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2020). Giving off a Rosy Glow: Exploring the Link Between Self-efficacy Optimism, Personal Optimism and Career Planning in Indian Sub-continent. In Transforming Organizations Through Flexible Systems Management(pp. 145-162). Springer, Singapore. (DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-9640-3, ISBN: 9789811396397).
  • Bharti, T. (2018). People Need People: A Study of Instrument FIRO-B. In Harnessing Human Capital Analytics for Competitive Advantage(pp. 144-170). IGI Global. (ISBN: 9781522540380 Scopus)

Conference Papers Published:

  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2017). Inclusion and Employer Obligation- The Indian Scenario. In X. Zhao (Ed.), Proceedings of Innovative- Decision- Making: Research to practice: 48th Annual Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute (pp. 1152-1165). Washington, USA: Decision Sciences Institute. (ISSN 2471-884X, ISBN: 9780578177489)
  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2017). RELATIONSHIP OF OPTIMISM AND INCLUSION: AN INDIAN CONTEXT. In S. K. Ojha, J.S. Lee, & M. Maharjan (Ed.), Proceedings of Smart Life and Dynamic Changes: 18th International Conference on IT Applications and Management (pp. 210-219). Shanghai, China: Korea Database Society. (ISSN:2334-0114).
  • Bharti, T., & Rangnekar, S. (2017). Role of hierarchical level in Optimism: An Indian study. In S. Kant (Ed.), Proceedings of Business Excellence for Sustaining High Performance: 4th Regional Conference of Indian Society for Training and Development Dehradun Chapter (pp. 39-42). Dehradun, India: ISTD Dehradun Chapter.


  • Co-Investigator for a research Project entitled “Impact of a unique meditation technique on the Psychological well-being of HEIs (Higher Educational Institutions) in India” between The Mindfulness Centre-Samatvam, IIM Bodh Gaya and Sri Sri Institute of Advanced Research (SSIAR).

Book(s) Published:

  • Co-edited and published book entitled “Transforming Lives through Mindfulness” with Excel Publishers Pvt Ltd in 2022, ISBN: 978-93-91355-39-5.

Conferences/Conclaves Organised:

  • Convened International Research Conference on Mindfulness 2022 from 4th -5th Feb 2022 at IIM Bodh Gaya as Conference Convener.
  • Convened “Wellbeing Conclave 2021 (Theme: The science of Wellbeing) on 10th Oct 2021 i.e., World Mental Health Day, at IIM Bodh Gaya.

FDPs/MDPs/ Workshop/ Organised:

  • Organised 10 days Faculty development programme on Research Design, Methods, and Analysis from 20th-29 June 2022 at IIM Bodh Gaya as Program Director.
  • Organised workshop on Mindfulness in International Research Conference on Mindfulness 2022 on 3rd Feb 2022 at IIM Bodh Gaya as Convener.
  • Organised Management Development programme on Leadership and General Management for State Health Society Bihar from 7th-11th March 2022 at IIM Bodh Gaya as Program Director.

Session Chair/Resource Person/Webinars/Guest Speaker:

  • Resource person for the FDP on Research Design, Methods, and Analysis from 20th-29th June 2022 at IIM Bodh Gaya.
  • Resource person for 4 days workshop on “Systematic Literature Review” on July 16, 17, 23 and 24, 2022 organized by SkillsEdge.
  • Guest Speaker on "Adolescent Girls and Young Women Convention on Economic Empowerment" for Save the Children India on 14th June 2022 at Bodh Gaya.
  • Resource person for the FDP on “Mindful Leadership” organised by IIM Bodh Gaya for BIT Sindri from 01-05 Feb 2021.
  • Resource person on “Creativity, Innovation and Resilience” in a talk organised by Shri Ramakrishna Degree & P.G. College, Andhra Pradesh, On 25th July 2021.
  • Resource person for the FDP on “Excellence in Communication” organised by IIM Bodh Gaya for BIT Sindri from 25th Feb 2021-4th March.
  • Session Chair for International Management Conference 2021 organised from 23-24th April 2021 at IIM Bodh Gaya.

Courses Developed:

  • Philosophy of Management (PhD, IIMBG)
  • HR Analytics and Information Systems (MBA, IIMBG)
  • Mindfulness at Workplace (MBA, IIMBG)
  • Employee Engagement and Interpersonal Dynamics (MBA, IIMBG)
  • Organization Development and Change management (MBA, IIMBG)
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