Alumni Meet 2022 (Anusmriti 1.0)

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Alumni Meet 2022 (Anusmriti 1.0)


The Alumni Relation Committee of IIM Bodhgaya successfully hosted ‘Anusmirti – 2022’, the Institute’s first physical alumni meet in IIM Bangalore, on 20th August 2022.

Alums from all the batches were in attendance, and it was a delight to witness all of them with each other to celebrate the togetherness that the Alumni Relations Committee strives to instill and foster for the growth of our Institute and our dearest alums.

The event kicked off with Prof. Sreelekha Mishra welcoming the alums and sharing the Institute’s progress with them. Following that, Prof. Rohan Mukherjee addressed the alums, elucidating the importance of this event and more such engagements in the future.

He welcomed our Director, Dr. Vinita S Sahay, who recollected fond memories and expressed her happiness in being able to interact with her former students and wished them well in all their future endeavors.

Alums took to the stage, individually introducing themselves and what they have been up to lately. Further discussions over the dinner table followed the alums’ talks. The evening was a huge success and marked a new frontier for alumni relations as IIM Bodhgaya moves forward.

On behalf of the Alumni Relations Committee, we thank our Director, Dr. Vinita S Sahay, for supporting this initiative from its very inception. We also thank Prof. Sreelekha Mishra for extending her continuous support to make this event possible.

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