73rd Republic Day               

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73rd Republic Day               

To celebrate the glorious occasion of the 73rd Republic Day, IIM Bodh Gaya organized a special event in online-cum-offline mode. The entire institute fraternity came together to celebrate the day on which our constitution was laid out. A cultural event was also organized as a part of the celebration by the Cultural Committee, IIM Bodh Gaya, while the entire teaching and non-teaching staff gathered to celebrate it on campus, bringing all the online students together on the same platform.

The event started with the Flag Hoisting Ceremony and singing of the National Anthem. After this, Dr. Vinita Sahay, Director, IIM Bodh Gaya, took the podium to address all the students and faculty members present. Dr. Sahay, in her address, mentioned the glorious past of our country and the increasing need to hold on to our culture. Further, she added about the amount of hard work that the staff puts along with students to brighten the name of the Institute, thanking all the departments for their contributions. She also welcomed the new IPM batch for whom this was one of the first official events. She mentioned how delighted she is by the amount of energy and creativity they have brought into the Institute. In the end she bid adieu to the senior batch, reminiscing all the memorable moments spent with them.

The event was further carried on with excellently curated cultural activities, where all the students participated enthusiastically. Videos of dance performances, solo singing and poetry recitation were gathered from all the batches, moreover the faculty members and also their children contributed with their boundless talents. The emotions of patriotism were delivered through the beautiful performances. Unnayan, the dance and music club of IIM Bodh Gaya presented a short film highlighting the importance of using our constitutional rights wisely. The limelight of the event remained the participation of the IPM batch and the professors who made their zealous contribution. Although the event was held online unlike last year, it was attended by many students who had a great time watching all the performances and they appreciated their peers for their creative performances.

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