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Director’s Message

Dr. Vinita S. Sahay

Director, IIM Bodh Gaya

Welcome to Bodh Gaya: the land of Enlightenment!

At a time when India is poised to become a major world economy, IIM Bodh Gaya is shaping up as a formidable contributor of managerial talents in that direction. Our flagship Post Graduate Programme in Management is challenging both in terms of academic rigor and effort.

It prepares the learners for a globalised world by channelling their enthusiasm, creativity and experience into a place where they are uniquely positioned to substantially add to the institution they serve. The PGP curriculum incorporates a practical approach encouraging the learners to participate in an authentic learning experience which engages them in the subject matter and teaches them real world skills. The classroom is a distinct conglomerate of fresh undergraduates and a spectrum of those who come from various professional sectors. Our programme instils the cognitive ability, communicative aptitude and administrative agility required in an unpredictable business scenario.

Though we are young, we have been able to attract the best and outstanding talent across the length and breadth of the nation both as students as well as team of highly motivated teachers to create the future leaders of the businesses. Along with academics our learners participate in a range of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to cultural engagements. Undeniably, the time spent in the campus of our venerable institution goes a long way in creating a sustained perspective of managerial brilliance. We take special care to ensure our students are well accustomed to the ever-evolving dynamics of professional corporate culture. Our ultimate goal is to use education as a tool to change the world, to have a positive impact on the society, to have sustainable progress.

This is the land of Nalanda where scholars from all over the world came and worked relentlessly for attainment and dissemination of knowledge. With such a rich legacy and history backing us. We at IIM Bodh Gaya, have this onerous responsibility of living up to this rich legacy and tradition. We are fortunate to be set up in the soil where Knowledge is the tradition; constant quest for the unknown is the quintessential strive. Values like “Mindfulness” is in the air and “To Be’’ is prized over “To Do”. With such rich values which are need of the hour in today’s chaotic world, we are very confident of making a very significant contribution in creating a pool of effective leaders.

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