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Tender Enquiry No. NIT/IIMBG/Furniture/15/2016-17

Date: March 7, 2017

Sealed quotations are invited from authorized Dealers/Distributors of Godrej for supply and installation of various furniture (as per Annexure- II) at Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya. The suppliers are requested to submit their quotations with sealed cover for the specified furniture in the drop box at the office of the Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase) located in Administrative Building, (Ground floor), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, D.H. Road, Joka, Kolkota-700104 by 2.00 P.M. on March 21, 2017.The quotation should be submitted on the basis of free deliveryof the specified furniture at IIM Bodh Gaya.

The tenders will be opened on March 21, 2017 at 2.15 the Office of the Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Joka, Kolkata 700104 in presence of authorized attending representatives of the bidders.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The tender should remain valid for a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date of opening.
  2. The Tenderer should submit the photocopy of Dealer’s/Distributor’s Certificate, Trade License, PAN Card, VAT Registration Certificate, Audited Balance Sheet of last 2 (two) years , Income Tax Return of last 2 (two) years and certificate of Annual Turnover (i.e. should be more than 80 Lakhs on an average for last 2 years).
  3. Security Deposit: The successful Tenderer shall within 07(seven) days of receipt of intimation of acceptance of this tender should submit Security Deposit of Rs.2,00,000/- (Rupees two lakhs) only which will be refunded without any interest after completion of supply and installation of the furniture at the specified places.
  4. EMD (Earnest Money Deposit):Authorized Dealers/Distributors of Godrej may put bid document, complete in all respects along with Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) amounting to Rs.50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya”, payable at Kolkata and other requisite documents in the Tender Box kept in the Office of Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase) located in Administrative Building, East Side (Ground Floor), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Joka, Kolkata – 700104. Tender received without EMD will be rejected straightaway.
  5. TDS and any other Government levies applicable on bills as per Government instructions / notifications issued from time to time shall be applicable and deducted from the selected supplier’s bills.
  6. The Insurance of the equipment and staff utilized in this service will be borne by the selected supplier.
  7. In case of any dispute, the jurisdiction of the matter will be within the limits of Kolkata only.
  8. Periodic service of furniture is to be undertaken by the selected bidder to ensure uninterrupted quality till one year or warranty period whichever is higher.
  9. In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising under this NIT or in connection there with except as to matter the decision of which is specifically provided under this NIT, the same shall be referred to an arbitrator to be appointed by the Director, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and the decision of the arbitrator will be binding on both parties of this NIT.
  10. The Tender should be complete in all respects and should be duly signed. Incomplete tender will be directly rejected. Tenderer must ensure for quote rate for each item which is given in Financial Bid.
  11. Site Visit: INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT BODH GAYA is situated at Bodh Gaya, Magadh University Campus, Bodh Gaya, Bihar- 824234. The tenderer is advised to visit and examine the site of works, actual dimension of area where furniture is to be installed. The cost of visiting the site shall be Tenderer’s own.
  12. AMC: Successful bidder will be required to provide AMC including spares parts till warranty period or 1 year from date of award of order. This will be done on zero cost basis.
  13. Delivery: The successful bidder should be in a position to deliver the items at Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya premises within six weeks from the date of issuance of Purchase Order.
  14. Penalty Clause & Risk Purchase: The successful bidder will be bound to supply the items within stipulated period, failing which liquidated damages will be recovered for default on the part of the supplier in delivery of goods beyond scheduled delivery dates.

    a. For Delay in Supply: Penalty of 5% of the value of the order calculated at the contract rate per week or a part of a week will be levied. The maximum penalty for late supply shall not exceed 10 % of total value of order.

    b. For Non Supply : If the order is still not supplied, the supply order will be cancelled and the item will be procured from elsewhere and the difference will be recovered from subsequent bills/security money deposit of the selected vendor. The cut-off date of delivery period shall be counted from the date of actual dispatch of supply orders to date of receipt of supplies at destination.
  15. Payment: Payment shall be made after receipt of complete furnitureand its installation at IIM Bodh Gaya to be mentioned in the Purchase Orders.
  16. Quantity of item: The tenderers may note that quantities mentioned in the financial bid are only tentative in nature and are meant only for the purpose of evaluation of tender. Actual procurement quantities of items may differ which may increase or decrease and may also not be required any or complete line items which is/are mentioned in BOQ.
  17. Financial Bids will be opened for those tenderers who will qualify the commercial criteria (as per Annexure–I) and other terms & conditions of the tender. The date of opening of Financial Bids will be intimated to the qualified bidders later on.
  18. Right Reserved by the Institute: The Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.


Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase), IIM Calcutta
& Convener-Purchase Committee, IIM Bodh Gaya


1Name of the Applicant: 
3Telephone / Fax no: 
4Mobile No of the Authorized signatory / Contact Person: 
5Email Id: 
6Location of Branch Office, if any: 
7Authorized Dealer’s / Distributer’s Certificate: 
8Date of Incorporation: 
9Nature of Business: 
10Year of experience in the field of similar work: 
11Name & Address of the Bankers: 
12PAN no: 
13VAT / CST registration no: 
14Trade license No.: 
15Annual Turnover for last 2 years
(It should be more than 80 Lakhs on an average)
16Audited Balance Sheet for last 2 years: 
17Income Tax Return for last two years: 

Note: Please attach copy of supporting documents.

Signature of the Applicant:


Annexure - II


Sl. No.Item DescriptionModelQty(pcs)Unit PriceVat @14.5%Unit price including VATTotal Amount
1DeskUnlearn 270020    
3Teacher’s TableEnterprise 15001    
4Teacher’s ChairGallop1    
1Computer DeskUnlearn 270014    
2Computer Chair7044T56    
3Teacher’s TableEnterprise 15001    
4Teacher’s ChairGallop1    
1Librarian Table(with side table)Finnesse1    
2Officer’s ChairGallop1    
3Librarian Visitor ChairBRAVO2    
4Reading TableTALK Laminate2    
5Reading Chair7044T20    
6Double sided Rack (Base Unit)W/S Book Rack4    
7Double sided Rack (Add- on Unit)W/S Book Rack8    
8Single sided Rack (Base Unit)W/S Book Rack2    
9Single sided Rack (Add- on Unit)W/S Book Rack2    
1Office table(with side table)Finnesse9    
2Officer’s ChairGallop9    
3Officer’s Visitor ChairBRAVO14    
1Main DeskMAESTRO1    
2Return DeskMAESTRO1    
4Joining TableMAESTRO1    
5Book CaseMAESTRO1    
6High Back ChairACE1    
7Visitors ChairACE4    
8Sofa 3 SeaterRIO PLUS1    
9Sofa 2 SeaterRIO PLUS1    
10Centre TableGLAZE1    
11Centre TableGLAZE1    
1Office Desk with PedestalLINEA7    
2Office ChairGallop7    

Note: 1. The tenderers may note that quantities mentioned in the financial bid are only tentative in nature and are meant only for the purpose of evaluation of tender. 2. The Tenderers must quote rate for all items which is listed above in BOQ.



The Senior Administrative Officer (Purchase)
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
D.H. Road, Joka, Kolkata- 700104

Dear Sir,

Subject: Enquiry regarding Supply & Installation of Furniture at IIM Bodh Gaya

With reference to the above, I / We am / are offering for rates for the above services.

I/We hereby reconfirm and declare that I/We carefully studied the tender document including terms & conditions, specifications, and all the contents stated therein.

Further I/We accept all the terms and conditions of the tender documents in bid form and this acceptance shall prevail over any other conditions, if any given in our bid.

The rates quoted are inclusive of all duties, taxes, packing, forwarding, transportation, insurance and any other cost incidental to delivery of services at IIM Bodh Gaya.

I/We will be liable for forfeiture of my/ our “SECURITY DEPOSIT / EMD” to IIM Bodh Gaya, in case.

I/We could not execute the awarded work. I/We will execute the work as per the rates quoted in the attached schedule for the entire period of contract and are also bound to undertake work by the specified in the letter of intent.

I/We have not been blacklisted by any of the firm/government agency.

Earnest Money of Rs.50,000/-(Rupees fifty thousand) only in the form of Demand Draft in favour of IIM Bodh Gaya, payable at Kolkata is attached herewith.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Encl: As stated

Note: Each page of the tender should be signed by the tenderer with seal.