Student Council

General Secretary

The General Secretary is an elected student representative whose primary objective is to ensure and improve the co-ordination between different elected committees and clubs. He/she is responsible for working with all the representative bodies including various committees, clubs and special interest groups to ensure their respective functions are at par with the expected performance levels. He/she is also responsible for chairing every council meeting or general body meetings, develop a detailed agenda, and maintains and circulate the minutes of the meeting of the general body once the meeting is completed.



The Treasurer at IIM Bodhgaya is responsible to oversee all aspects of financial administration within the student body. He/she will be working closely with all the clubs and committees to ensure optimum and efficient utilization of the institute’s funds allocated for various student activities. The treasurer will administer the banking, book-keeping and reporting of various transactions and transfer of funds pertaining to the various student activities. He/she will be the point of contact for the financial proposals of all the committees and club PoC's for any student activities.


Placement Committee

The placement cell looks after the training and placement related activities of the institute. It is vested with the responsibility of keeping liaison between the institute and the concerned organisation. Placement cell engages in various student betterment tasks like mock interviews and group discussions; resume vetting and mentoring for incoming students. It also hosts workshops, grooming sessions and industry interactions for the students so that they are well-equipped to face the industry challenges.


PGP Committee

PGP committee is a crucial medium between students and faculty at IIM Bodh Gaya. Its main objective is to keep healthy academic atmosphere and enrich learning curve among the students. It monitors academic affairs of the institute and help students at every step of curriculum to fulfil their ambitions and meet industry standards. PGP Committee also answers all queries which arise from the fresh students and helps admissions office with the same if needed.


PR and Media Cell

The PR & Media Cell, IIM Bodh Gaya is responsible for all press & media related activities. Serving as the official Spokesperson of the institute, the Cell handles and oversees all communication and publications platforms. Through our presence across various social media platforms such as Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, we intend to uphold, safeguard and enhance the reputation of the institute. We also facilitate liaison between the institute and the general public or other stakeholders - such as print media, institutes, etc. The Media and PR Cell reports and gives regular and meaningful updates about competitions, achievements and other events to the administration, students and faculty with assistance from other committees and clubs. We also organise guest lectures and expert talks from top level management of the corporate world . Another distinct role of PR & Media Cell is to provide necessary assistance to the Admissions Committee, IIM Bodh Gaya in interacting with aspirants, clearing admission related queries and engaging in meaningful discussions about our institute.


IT Committee

IT committee acts as an intermediary between students and college administration for IT and infrastructure related issues. The representatives of this committee make sure that the students are always connected to the internet. They ensure proper maintenance of the website and the internet infrastructure of the campus. IT committee works jointly with other committees and clubs to provide them full technical support, which can range from creating signatures to learning new software for content creation. They often do the maintenance of the hardware and software utilised by the faculty and students. IT committee educates the students to resolve common IT related issues and keeps them up-to-date about current trends.


Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee works towards the promotion and cultivation of extracurricular activities aiming to bring out the talents of students in various cultural activities and providing a platform for the students to showcase their skills. The Cultural Committee is responsible for all intra and inter collegiate cultural, management and sports events in the College. It coordinates the functioning of different clubs working in the campus and make sure there is no conflict of interests between them.


Hostel and Mess Committee

Hostel and mess committee act as a bridge between the administration, caterers, hostel authorities on one side and the students on the other. It ensures that the food prepared in mess is acceptable in all aspects like hygiene, taste etc. To provide appropriate facilities for accommodation in hostel is its agenda. Its major tasks revolve around deciding mess menu, mess management, and hostel issue resolution.


Admissions Committee

Admissions Committee is tasked with the responsibility of bringing top talents from all over country to IIM Bodh Gaya. The Committee helps the Students from the initial stages of recruitment by providing them with WAT and Personal Interview preparation materials. In addition, we also have a Student Mentorship Program in which we assign a mentor to the aspirant according to their profile. We guide them along the way addressing their queries and providing necessary support to make the admission process as smooth as possible.


Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations is a platform for the alumni to stay in touch with their alma mater. Alumni Relations acts as a bridge to connect the alumni with the present and future PGP batches of the college. We aspire to create a wealth of knowledge, resources and networking opportunities through the efficient functioning of Alumni Relations. We are responsible for conducting alumni meets, which will help to build a strong network community of IIM Bodhgaya graduates and expand its reach. Regular city meets shall be organised to create a strong community, which in turn will enhance the IIM Bodhgaya fraternity.


International Relations Committee

International Relations Committee, IIM Bodh Gaya serves as a base for the institute’s international initiatives which is dedicated to develop, facilitate and collaborate with global institutes by providing coordination, guidance and service to the students. We believe that it is important for the aspiring business students to gain an inter-nation exposure, learn about global work culture and gain perspective. We focus on building and developing a mutually beneficial global partnership with world renowned institutes to nurture leadership qualities in students. We want to provide once in a lifetime opportunity for students to inculcate the necessary skills which are at par with the global standard.


Student Regulatory Affairs Committee

Student Regulatory Affairs Committee (SRAC) is an elected student body. SRAC primarily cultivates the coordination and correspondence amongst committees. It encourages the smooth functioning of all student bodies and encourages accountability among all the student bodies on campus. The purpose of the Student Regulatory Affairs Committee is to provide oversight and guidance to promote a supportive learning environment. It supports the enforcement of regulations and controls to maintain discipline and decorum within the student bodies. It develops and monitors compliance with rules and guidelines for all campus wide student selection for committee. SRAC promotes transparency and its activities are open to public scrutiny.