Student Clubs

Envision Cell

Envision, Centre for Industrial Relations & Entrepreneurship Development (E-cell), IIM Bodh Gaya is a non-profit student organization. We aim at manifesting the entrepreneurial spirit of the young students with a vision to promote innovation and good governance. Envision helps in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling interaction between its major components like students, entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors, venture capital firms and the corporate world. We also support them by providing necessary resources such as mentoring, consultancy and networking. We enhance the industry exposure of the students by inviting eminent personalities for guest talks and sharing ideas about the latest developments in their respective expertise. We aim to set up mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with organizations looking for a long term relationship with a growing educational institution like ours. By providing hands on live projects we ensure that students live up to the expectation of ever evolving corporate world.


Comunicación club

The purpose of Comunicación club is to provide a platform through which students may enhance their communication and leadership skills. This will in turn bolster their personal growth and professional competence which is much needed in today's integrated business world. All students enrolled in IIM Bodh Gaya are eligible to become a member of this club. Students who want to be a part of this club may send a mail to e-mail id of the club expressing their interest to be a part of club. The club aims at organizing various events and opportunities which will help members to come out as a confident speaker which will help them in their career prospects.


Sports Club

The Sports club at IIM Bodhgaya is responsible to keep participants in the club indulged in sports and fitness activities. The initiatives from the sports club will help maintain a lighter and healthier environment within the campus. The club will be the platform that facilitate students to participate in various intra sports tournaments organised for the batch. It will also encourage participation and opportunity to represent IIM Bodhgaya in different sports festivals conducted by business schools across the country. The POCs of the club will ensure that intra college events are organised and played fairly and most importantly enjoyed by one and all.



FinIQs, The Finance Club, provides its members with a platform to explore and learn about various aspects of the financial world. The Club provides various opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of finance and the world of business from both a practical and technical perspective. It ensures that the students are well prepared to deal with complexities of outside financial world. The club organizes multitude of events such as quizzes, workshops and competitions which covers various topics such as investment banking, risk management, private equity, portfolio management, fixed income, and other domains of finance. It connects with industry experts and conducts knowledge sessions to expose students to practical aspects of finance. It also helps students to gain understanding about job opportunities available in the financial marketplace.


Strategy and Consulting Club

Vision- The Strategy and Consulting Club aims to be a student association, which seeks to equip the student body with resources to make informed decisions on consulting careers, tools necessary to build successful careers in consulting and opportunities to promote extra-curricular excellence.



MaSq depicting marketing squad is the Marketing and branding club of IIM Bodh Gaya. It aims to provide students an all-round experience of marketing through both on-campus activities and industrial exposure. The club is mainly involved in hosting marketing and branding related activities like case study competitions and other events which supplement academic learnings.



The Newsletter club is responsible for gathering news and preparing the quarterly newsletter for Students, Alumni, Teachers of IIM BodhGaya. It covers all the activities, events, student achievements, Guest lectures and articles by students and teachers.



Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.' Explography is a special interest group of IIM BodhGaya connecting the students to varied cultures and people which helps in providing a broader perspective of the world. We weave our experiences with photography and videography.


Pragati: The Social Service Club

The SIG inculcates social responsibility in the future managers/leaders. The SIG aims to promote social awareness and conducting activities focused at educating students about the pressing issues across the globe. It also offers volunteering opportunities, leadership experiences and career exploration.

The club initiates activities like:

  • Remedies for social causes like environmental degradation through plantation drive etc.
  • Tie-up with local authorities to promote local culture like Pitrapaksha festival and Kalachakra festival
  • Blood donation camp, mini marathon to promote healthy lifestyle
  • Promote education focusing on financial inclusion.


Catalyst: Public Policy Club

The SIG aims to get the students to debate public policy issues and come up with innovative possible solutions. It helps students to understand the government initiatives which facilitate and help the students and members about current business environment in the country. The group promotes careers in public policy domain among students. It aims to enhance the knowledge of students by organizing different events like quizzes, crashers, presentations, debates, analysis of policies by different governments and world organizations.