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Academic Snapshot: Areas of Interest and Current Research Engagement I have been working on coining innovative techniques and undertaking research on the pedagogical tools employed and the courseware to be used for the teaching of Managerial Communication linking it with the salient management principles and practices so as to integrate the subject with the management education as a whole. Most of my research papers deal with these efforts of evolving ‘Communications’ not as a stand-alone subject, but as an inter-disciplinary thrust area with a wide-ranging application in other functional verticals of management like Marketing , Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and other aspects of Behavioral Sciences like motivation, conflict management, soft skills etc. With each teaching stint, I endeavor to apply these new theories in the classroom training, and management development programs. I have penned research papers based on my experiences of transmuting communication theories into practice in various journals. As an academician serving in an institute of management, I always take my academic work in the wider perspective. Hence in the last few years, I have been writing research papers on topics like ‘Industry-institute Integration: Exploring Symbiotic Engagements for Management Education’, ‘Globalization in Management Education: Challenges and Strategies’. One of these papers has been published in an international peer-reviewed journal recently and the other paper has been accepted for presentation at an international conference in USA. After this presentation, I will submit the work for publication in international journals with cross-cultural management and globalization as their thematic focus. I also believe that management education should not be imparted merely to equip students with a skill set to market products and to score weighty profits on a balance sheet, but also as an education which goes beyond the cerebral, the materialistic in moulding young talents into future leaders who are not only capable of spearheading new revolutions in their domain but who also excel as exemplary models of ethical behavior. With this view in mind, I have been incorporating modules on the role of ethics and communication in my learnware while teaching managerial communication. Communicating ethically is one of the salient attributes of a leader, hence communication, ethics and leadership in management context also is one of the niche areas of research for me. Recently I delivered lectures on ‘Shakespeare and Management’ in a course titled ‘Management through Enlightenment’ offered by Communication & Ethics Group, IIM Calcutta. Hence I have been working on exploring such new areas of teaching management and leadership so that the coming generations of corporate managers should not regard a management career with the myopic view of steering the ambitious corporations with material mania, but should uphold it as an enlightening learning for adopting the best management theories and principles, following the great masters from diverse disciplines to learn from them tenets of transformational and ethical leadership. With this view in mind I had penned a critical review of APJ Kalam’s visionary book, ‘Wings of Fire’ highlighting how the book can be read as a gospel for demonstrating ennobling power of knowledge, a must-read for young technocrats and budding corporate stalwarts of India aspiring to put the country on the global map as a junction of powerhouse technical and managerial human resources. The review was published in ‘Journal of Human Values’, IIM Calcutta in its 2005 issue. In future, my aim is to accomplish some path-breaking research work aligning management, communication, ethics, and leadership by offering new electives in PGDM curriculum at the institute level and by penning research articles in journals with wide circulation amongst ace academic practitioners in globally renowned business schools.

Name: Apoorva Bharadwaj
Courses: Managerial Communication
Organisation: IIM Calcutta