Director's Message

Welcome to Bodh Gaya: the land of enlightenment. Historically known as Magadha, it is considered to be the place where Prince Siddhartha meditated under Bodhi tree attained enlightenment and became the awakened one the “Buddha” reaching a profound understanding of the way things are. Today it is a prominent Buddhist pilgrimage site with annual foreign tourist footfall crossing ten lakhs.

In 2015, when The Government of India decided to extend further the reach of the Brand IIM, the choice came to Bodhgaya, Bihar. This geography has a very rich legacy of being the “seat for learning”. This is the land of Nalandas and Takshilas where scholars from all over the world worked relentlessly for Knowledge creation and dissemination. With such a rich legacy and history backing us, we at IIM Bodh Gaya have this onerous responsibility of living upto this rich legacy and tradition. We are fortunate to be set up in the soil where Knowledge is the tradition; constant quest for the unknown is the quintessential strive. The values like “Mindfulness” and “Being in the moment” is in the air and “To Be’’ is prized over “To Do”. With such rich values which are need of the hour in today’s chaotic world, we are very confident of making a very significant contribution in creating a pool of leaders who will go and be the change that we all wish to see.

Though we are young, we have been able to attract the best and outstanding talent across the length and breadth of the nation to create future leaders of the businesses. We take special care to ensure our students are well accustomed to the ever-evolving dynamics of professional corporate culture. Our ultimate goal is to use education as a tool to change the world, to have a positive impact on the society, to have sustainable progress. We will continuously strive to achieve our ambitious goal of the common good and making this world a better place than yesterday. We cordially welcome you to join our hands and be a part of this change.


Dr. Vinita Sahay

Director, IIM Bodh Gaya.