Course Curriculum, Design & Course Structure

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Programme has been divided into three segments – compulsory courses in the First Year; summer internship in organizations for a period of 8 weeks; and elective courses in the Second Year. An academic year consists of three terms, each terms spanning across 11 to 13 weeks.

The curriculum requirements are assessed in terms of course credit points.
Each course is being designated either as a 3 or 1.5 credit points. A 3-credit point course has a stipulated 30 hours of class contact spread over the entire term. In addition, the student is expected to spend another 60 hours of self-study involving class assignments, group discussions, solving group assignments and lab sessions.

A provisional list of the First Year Compulsory Courses and Second Year Elective Courses is shown below for representation.

First Year Compulsory Courses (Term I to Term III)


Second Year Elective Courses (Term IV to Term VI)